Our Services

When Lawrence E. Moon Funeral Home was established in 1987, a pursuit of excellence was initiated on a daily basis. Over the past several years the funeral home has been expanded and services added, but we have continually maintained our commitment to our customers by caring for their needs and serving them in a caring, courteous, and professional manner. The Lawrence E. Moon Funeral Home was established to assist families during difficult times. Over the past decade our professional staff has worked in this pursuit of excellence by being attentive and caring.

Create Healing Experiences

We realize that no two lives are the same, so no two funerals are the same. We offer an array of services and options that are available whether you prefer traditional burial, memorial or cremation. All the families we serve are treated with respect and receive personalized service no matter what they choose. To ensure special wishes are carried out, many families today prefer to make funeral arrangements, well in advance of need. There is never any cost for discussing arrangements or pre-payments.

Directory of Service

- Traditional Funerals
- Direct Burials
- Transfer (Shipping) Service
- Infants, Children and Youths Service

- Traditional Funerals
- Cremation or Rental
- Caskets
- Direct Cremation

- Caskets
- Vaults
- Urns
- Caskets/Container
- Transfer Container
- Web-Casting Funeral Services Live on the Internet
- DVD Memorial Tributes

- Social Security Benefits
- Veteran’s Benefits
- Insurance Benefits

- Specialized Merchandise/Service for U.S. Veteran's

- Grave Markers
- Upright and Flush Head Stones

- Consultation
- Pre-Funding

- Death Certificate/Form
- Obituary Form
- Programs/Form (the copy displayed is an example of our most popular program, however there are other program samples available)
- Poem and Acknowledgements (make your choice from the samples available, or feel free to bring in a personalized choice)

Please bring completed copies of the above forms when coming in for funeral arrangements. Click here for a printable Certificate, Obituary Form, Program Form, Poems and Acknowledgements, Suggested Apparel.